Honey and Candles for Sale

Welcome! We LOVE raw honey and glad you do too!
We’ve got something for everyone. I’m still working on updating this page with photos and online ordering for each item but here’s a basic run down of some of the items we have

Honey Straws –.33 each or 20/$5.00
Watermelon, Clover, Blackberry, Lemon, Cinnamon, Peach, Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, and Grape
1.5 ounce Glass Hex Jar Raw Honey–$2.50 each
4 ounce Glass Hex Jar Raw Honey–$5.00 each
4 ounce Glass Muth Jark with Cork Raw Honey–$5.00 each
1 Pound Glass Hex Jar Raw Honey–$10.00 each
1 Pound Plastic Squeze Honeybear–$10.00 each
1 Pound Glass Muth Jar with Cork Raw Honey $15.00 each
1 Quart/3 Pound Glass Jar Raw Honey–$25.00
1/2 Gallon Glass Jar Raw Honey–$45.00
1 Gallon Glass Jar Raw Honey–$75.00
Cut Comb Raw Honey–$10.00
1.5 Ounce Glass Jar Creamed Honey- $3.00 each
9 ounce Plastic Tub of Creamed Honey–$8.00 -Variety of flavorsBEESWAX and CANDLES
4 ounce 100% Local Beeswax Votive Candles–$3.00
4 Ounce 100%Local Beeswax Candle in Glass Jar –$5.00
Small Hand Dipped 100% Local Beeswax Candles –$8.00
Large Hand Dipped 100% Local Beeswax Candles –$10.00
1 Ounce 100% Local Beeswax stick–$1.00
Pioneer Plastic Bees Wrap-Set of 2 –$10.00
Pioneer Plastic Bees Wrap-Small –$4.00
Pioneer Plastic Bees Wrap-Large –$10.00
Beeswax Ornament Single $3
Beeswax Ornament 4/10 $10.00
Beeswax Ornament Large-$5
Beeswax Candle Taper Pair $7
Beeswax Candle Egg – $7
Beeswax Candle Rolled pair- $7
Beeswax Candle Rolled tall- $7
Beeswax Candle – variable
Hand Pressed Beeswax Sheets- $5.00 each
Hand pressed Beeswax Candle making kit- $20

We love Honey Sticks! Sold individually for .33 or bulk is 20 for $5. Please let me know how many of each flavor you’d like when ordering.


Beeswax N’ Honey Lip Balm Tubes (variety of flavors)–$2.50 each
Hard Beeswax N’ Honey Lotion Bars–$2.50-4.50 each
Susie Bee Good Vapor Rub–$5.00 each
Susie Bee Good Beeswax Sunscreen–$5.00

Honey Size



creamed honey-12.jpg

Creamed Honey- 10.2 oz tub –$8 each or Classic, Orange, Peppermint and cinnamon Vanilla flavors available. Made with high grade Doterra oils.

4 ounce gift jars- $5

2 Ounce “Cute as a button” Jars- $2.50 EACH OR 5/$10

1 Pound/12 ounce glass jar–$10


Gallon $120 Half Gallon $60

Honey Available-depending on time of season. Larger bulk available. Call with questions/quantities.



12oz artisan glass jars for $10 each.-not currently available- Available Fall/Christmas 2018


16 oz Dairy Milk Jars for $18 each-not currently available

This is UTAH VALLEY RAW UNFILTERED honey with an amazing light color, taste and texture.

Great as gifts for teaching assignments, neighbors, birthdays and holidays or for your own pampering and healthy eating.
Bulk prices available. Call for details.

Lip Balm in assorted flavors-  $2.50 each

Fresh, Local, Organic, Soy and Corn free, Free Range eggs $4/ dozen


Feel free to call or text anytime.

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