Honey Extraction and Rental

We love extraction! We hope to give many small backyard beekeepers the experience of extracting and have a great experience.
We extract two ways:
1. You rent an extractor and all the tools to extract and do it yourself.
2. You give us your frames and we extract them for you, returning them bottled and clean.

We do make house calls and have all the equipment and do our best to train you so you have a great experience. First of all, decide what works best for you. we have options on extractors. We have a 4 frame hand crank (think of it like a bicycle, you crank it up and then let it coast then crank it up again. We’re surprised how well it works. OR there’s the cream of the crop, the power/electrical extractor. This is a Maxant 9 frame medium or 3 frame deep tangental extractor. We love the fined tuned variable speed control that doesn’t blow out your frames and has the quick power needed to really clean the frames well. Although you can put 9 medium frames in and do it radially, we prefer to do 3 at a time and it turns out BEAUTIFULLY. Plus, even with 2 people, you can uncap almost as fast as this can extract.

maxant 9 framePOWER -24 hour rental
$45 + deposit check held ($1000)

-Maxant 9 Power Extractor
-Scratching tool
-Heated Electric Uncapping knife
-5 Gallon bucket and strainer with honey gate
uncapping tank, strainer, stand and spatula/scraping devices
-Small sample jar so we can sample and study your honey

4 Frame Hand CrankHAND CRANK 24 hour rental
$25 + deposit check held-($500)
Dadant 4 Frame Hand Extractor
Scratching tool
Heated Electric Uncapping knife
5# bucket and strainer with honey gate
Uncapping tank
Stand and spatula/scraping devices
-Small sample jar so we can sample and study your honey


*Deposit check required for cleaning and damage if needed. You pick up and return extractor and equipment. If everything looks good, we return check. If there is damage to any equipment, we expect you to order it and ship it at the quickest available method to replace damaged equipment. 
*Pickup is in Payson, Provo or Salt Lake Valley. Tyler works  occasionally in SLC and Kearns and can be available to meet up.
*24 hour rental. Longer may be included in price depending on availability and schedule.
If you rent Saturday i’ll throw in Sunday for free or if we don’t have someone renting it the next day.
*We’re doing a little bee nerd study on honey crystallization. Depending on how many frames you extract I’ll ask for a small 1.5 to 4 oz sample of your honey. I’ll include the jar in your tub of goodies that is labeled with your name and the date, please fill it. I’d love to know general area of your hives and what their main source is. I’ll send you photos of comparison to others as well as a refractometer reading in the fall once we’re done processing.

11695835_10100391215473141_7774184461913167466_n (1)Frame drop off
$2.45  Half/Medium  size frame
$2.45 Deep size frame

-Bring your frames (plastic tub or spare hive box work great. Make sure it has a top and bottom and is SEALED)
-Bring  a container you’d like it to be finished in (bucket or jars) and i’ll return it to you extracted and strained and bottled if you provide. RAW, no heating, the best way.
-Bring a container for your strained cappings if you want those back.
-We will give you a DISCOUNT if you let us keep your cappings. It takes a lot of wax to make candles etc and so we’d happily pay you for them.
-We also do bulk extraction. Right now we’re running a special, anything over 30 frames we will do it for $2.00 a frame.
-No need to spend forever cleaning the machine and rent all the supplies.
-If you’ve only got a few hives, it’s worth it or if you plan on extracting multiple times, it takes the hassle out of only doing it once.
-Minimum frame drop off is only 3 frames.
-We clean everything for you!
-We can supply jars if needed (let me know ahead of time how many and what size/styles you like)
-We can help you create a personalized stamp or logo for you to help you market your honey.
-We can accept Credit Cards payments but will charge an additional fee to do so.

Interested? Great!
Please read the Rental Agreement form :SBGH-RentalAgreement

10609711_1525349911010431_5775588982549068915_nStill have questions? Want to get on the schedule? Call us.

Susie 801-244-6994
Tyler 801-636-2372

Thank you!-Ma and Pa Goodspeed
(Susie and Tyler)

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