Raw Local Honey for Sale!

It’s my ambrosia from the gods. Great as gifts for teaching assignments, neighbors, birthdays and holidays or for your own pampering and healthy eating.

Here’s our price list for honey and other products, thanks for your patience as we get it up on the site and photos for you.

Honey Stick each $0.33

Honey Stick Bulk 20/5 $5.00


Honey Lemon Love Lollipop (red String) $1

Honey Lemon Love Lollipop (red String 4/$3

Honey Lemon Heart Lollipop (blue String) $2.50

Honey Lemon Heart Lollipop (blue String) 3/$6


Mini Bear $2.50

Mini Jar 2 oz $2.50

6oz Jar $5.00

1# Jar $10.00

3# Quart $25.00

Creamed Honey $8.00

Cutcomb Honey-variable



Feel free to call or text anytime.


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