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SusieBeeHoneyHi i'm Susie Bee!

I’ve been a backyard beekeeper for about 5 years now and my husband has been since we started dating. My passion is now OUR passion and hobby.
We SELL HONEY, SOLITARY BEES (mason bees), lip balm, rolled beeswax candles, honey sticks, creamed honey and more. We   love to help EDUCATE about helping bees. One thing that sets us apart is our honey EXTRACTION. We extract honey for many other beekeepers along the Wasatch front so that it’s done WELL and it’s done RIGHT. Keeping it raw and unfiltered.
If you ever need bees removed or have a swarm, feel free to call us anytime.
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These gentle creatures have been a constant interest and welcome guest in our neighborhood  and produced some of Utah Valley’s finest honey. After searching for the past few years from friends who had the hand crank extractors (sting me now) I decided my time was more valuable than the hours it took to hand crank and the benefits of electric extraction (quicker & better processing= MORE HONEY) were far above that of a hand crank. There are many people out there wanting to help you get started, i’m interesting in making sure you follow through and succeed.

Friends and family all ask for their holiday jars of local honey. It sells great and I’ve seen health benefits and changes in my husbands allergies from taking it. Harvest your honey for you and your family, for neighbors or to sell and pay off your hive investment.
We’ll do whatever it takes to take the fear, fuss, mess and time out of extraction.   We can come to you, gather your frames (within Salt Lake, Utah and Wasatch Counties primarily) and return your honey however you’d like it.  It’s a husband and wife Ma and Pa kinda thing. We love helping people extract and often do it as a date night.
Stop the Crush and strain, it puts extra work on your bees to make the wax again. Stop the hand crank, it put’s extra strain on the hubby and kids. Call me and lets make some honey memories!

Photos by www.valorphotography.com

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